PEPE Token Tokenomics: 1 PEPE = 1 PEPE ; Send / Receive / Balance / Bid


Simple tokenomics of the PEPE token where one PEPE token = one PEPE token


One (1) PEPE token = One (1) PEPE token

Pepe token(s) may be:

    1. SEND X PEPE tokens to account Y
    1. RECEIVE X PEPE tokens from account Y
    1. `BID X on Y PEPE tokens at Z (HIVE) / PEPE token
    1. BALANCE in account X of Y PEPE tokens

Additionally a MEMO may be sent with a SEND of some X amount of PEPE tokens.

PEPE Token availability

Ask a friend! Make a post! Ask nicely on the interwebs (connected to the hive blockchain in some way for a better chance). Ask a PEPE millionaire! Leave a comment. Pray to the PEPE god(s)?


bid on X PEPE 1st bid on Y PEPE 2nd bid on Z PEPE 3rd

Miners / Voting

Miners and voting are two possible future ways to get (more) PEPE tokens. There has been expressed interest in the utility of voting with PEPE token. So this is currently in consideration. Simply waiting for more HIVE from PEPE (tokens) to cover the cost.

In the meantime those with interest in PEPE tokens are simply making bids in some open free market of HIVE and PEPE tokens as they choose. PEPE tokens move from one HIVE blockchain wallet to another HIVE blockchain wallet when two come to an agreement of exchange of X from A and Y from B where A and B send to each other and both agree that X == Y.


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