Delegation summary ~ week 87 and SORT draw


  • A very similar week to the previous one with a slight reduction in rewards in both CENT and BEE tokens.
    Lately it seems that our growth has stopped but the account continues to accumulate assets and we are sure that we will see the rewards take off in a short space of time.
    CENT is taking a very good direction that I believe can take the token to that desired $0.01.
    For its part, BEE is a very stable token in which we continue to accumulate day by day.
    Finally, I would like to comment that we continue to distribute SORT since HSBI does not seem to work at the moment and it creates insecurity for us. If it continues for longer, it is possible that we will remove the draw or modify it since it does not meet our initial objective. That is not bad because we could grow the HBD fund more.
  • In order to carry out efficient management, since we do everything manually, we have to raise the minimums to be considered a delegator. So from now on it will be necessary to delegate a minimum of 1000 CENT or 100 BEE to be considered a delegator.
  • The delegators have decided that the raffle prize will be HSBI shares. We will start with 3 HSBI shares with the aim of distributing 7 HSBI shares later on.
  • We will keep the staked part of CENT to create a community pool that will improve profits.
  • Another good week our delegations continue to grow and our voting power to increase.

Another week and that's 87. Our delegators continue to increase their holdings and improve their profits.
The snowball effect begins to gain traction.

Performance summary and SORT draw for delegators.

CENT 315
BEE 3,26

Thank you very much for trusting us.

The distribution

Here is the draw of 0,75 SORT tokens


Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway.

If you want to win BEE and Cent passively, don't hesitate to delegate your tokens to @hiro.guita, you can also participate in our weekly draw for 0,75 SORT tokens

New manual curation account for BEE and Cent


You're distributing SORT tokens, too? Very cool! Do you only accept delegations in CENT and BEE? Perhaps I'll delegate some soon! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙