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#dogwifhair is not something people should be ignoring, especially when it is under 100K. We saw what Pepe did in a bear market, going from 50k market cap to 500 million. We saw the same kind of stuff in the beginning of the bull market when dogwifhat came out of nowhere and made many really rich just like pepe. We have just recently seen the same with Catcoin, which is very similar to dogwifhair in that they are also grassroots. Look at what they have done in only days.

All of these projects share very important things in common. Every single one of them has a very strong support at a certain price. Every single one of them has epic communities. And every single one of them have excellent Devs that aren't here to take money and leave nor take advantage of their communities.. These Devs are here instead to create value that benefits everyone. They are not out there for personal gain nor to defraud anyone.

Now that you understand these very basic facts. It would be prudent that you do not let another sleeping giant escape from you. Join our community and experience it for yourself at our main TG chat

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Warning: Be very careful with a Solana dogwifhair imitating us. We have absolutely nothing to do with them. They have been plagiarizing our content on Twitter and Telegram. There is no serious team there, and that could very likely be a rugpull. Our dogwifhair project cannot rug as liquidity tokens have been burned forever and thus unretrievable. We also have 3% dogecoin rewards for holders of our tokens.