We walk together: One snail and I in Wednesday Walk

Every weekday, like probably most of you, I have my routine. To a certain extent...
I wake up at 5.45am. Toilet, shower, shave...
Around 6.10 breakfast. At 6:30 I watch the news and around 6:40 I walk through my neighborhood to the bus that takes me to work.

When I arrive at the company, the routine no longer exists. God help! 🤣
It was the same this Wednesday.
Except that...

While I was eating my breakfast, I read two interesting posts of my friends on Hive and left the house 10 minutes late.
The distance that I usually walk from the apartment to the bus in 20 minutes, this morning I had to walk fast, in less than 10 minutes.

With various obstacles along the way, I managed to make it in time for the bus.

Yes, I am referring to obstacles...
What kind of obstacles can a pedestrian encounter on city streets?
Last night, there was a severe storm in the territory of the entire state, accompanied by heavy precipitation, rain and hail.
In addition to a lot of left-over puddles on the streets, there were mud deposits from the surrounding gardens and parks, a lot of fallen dry branches, which I either jumped over or stepped on...
And the hardest thing for me was to avoid living, moving obstacles.

Like every time, after the rain, a large number of snails come out of the grass onto the street and sidewalks.

In those 10 minutes of fast walking, I managed to dodge everyone.
My only regret was that I didn't have time to stop and play with the camera on my phone a bit, I would probably have a nice photo gallery with one of the next posts.
In this way, in a hurry, I only managed to stop next to one, who was whispering like a king on the stump of a cut tree.

Surprisingly, he was not at all afraid of being near the phone while I was taking pictures of him. It's like he hasn't woken up yet so he hasn't seen me...

He's so slow, and I'm as fast as possible...

And when I get to work, I know only one thing that I will do right away. Turn on the laptop.
Everything after that is uncertain...

During the day, when the sun had dispersed the clouds and dried the earth, I looked out the window and with soft music in the office, relaxedly observed the beautiful field of wheat.

And why shouldn't I be a little closer to that wheat?

I decided to walk to the next building to the director's office to sign some contract.

Make it my #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay!

On the way, I passed a wheat field.
The beautiful green sea, which will soon turn yellow and then golden, waves with gusts of wind.

A little further, I see an abundant crop of cherry trees.

Green grass, trees and chirping birds, a great moment for a short break.

Although red fruits tempt to be picked, I somehow avoid doing it, for two reasons.

The first, because I have some important contracts in hand and I don't want to stain them with red cherry juice, as well as other, even more important ones 🙂
When the crop is ready to be picked, we organize a few hours of socializing in the company under the shadows of these trees, and all employees who love cherries are then invited to join this event, under the slogan: "Come, pick, eat, socialize..." .

Until we are invited to that gathering, the images of these cherries remain in my mind...

This walk today, although always connected with work, brought me moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

I hope that you also have the opportunity and time to go for a short walk that you can share with us. I wish you a nice day and a pleasant #wednesdaywalk.

Thank you for stopping by my post and I hope you enjoyed the photos and the story I shared with you

All photos are my property, taken with a mobile phone


Aww I love your snail shots! You captured him very fast, hehe. He didn't hide immediately, or he was very confident or you were careful and discreet. 😁 The color of the wheat field is so beautiful, it will be yellow soon.


Thanks 🙂
I also found it strange that he didn't pull in the "horns" when I brought the phone closer... I say, maybe he was sleepy so he didn't see me 🙂

I adore the sound of ripe wheat when the wind blows, the rustle produced by the touch of ripe and dry stalks... For meditation, as if created.


Snails are fascinating creatures. I've always found them nice. 😃

Ohhh I have never heard the sound of ripe wheat, but I love your description. I know I would be very happy at such a time. 🤗


If it's windy before harvest I'll be sure to take a video 🙂
When I remember that sound, I go back to my childhood, when I visited the wheat fields in the village with my uncle in the summer, to determine if it was time to harvest. ...