Animals - Part of the exposition Magura National Park (Poland)

This is a small part of the realistic exposition of the Magura National Natural Parks museum, which is located in small village Krempna in Poland.
The original photos were taken in 2023 during the Erasmus+ international youth exchange.
In fact, the exposition of this museum is much larger. I am only posting a few photos of the full scale dioramas.
The peculiarity of these diagrams is that during their production stuffed animals and birds were used.

In the first photo, you can see the wolves that actually live in this area. In the area near the Magura Park, these wild animals occasionally attack even dogs.

The second photo shows a wild boar. They are also dangerous for people, so you need to be extremely careful when moving around the territory of the Magura National Park.

On the third photo, you can see one of the types of herons that live in meadows and on the banks of rivers. I even see such during my travels.

Wild roe deer. There are a lot of them here. I met them many times during my travels. I even had to slow down or stop to avoid a collision.

And of course, a red deer. A majestic animal. I know an area where you can find them in the wild.

As you can see, this mountainous part of Poland is quite rich in wild animals, which you can meet even just leaving the house.

Thanks for watching and reading!😘🍰☕