Pepe Open to Trade His Froggies Fer Your Froggies!

Recently mentioned idea of offering exchange between the different $PEPE tokens.


For the next twenty-four hours you may exchange certain $PEPE "froggie" tokens for others! This offer will be available for the week of this post, just that rates may change over time due to changes in the markets.

Initially $PEPE may be exchanged for $PEPECASH, or $RPEPE. Let's first take a look at the Selling or Ask price and use those as our guide line due to the rarity and limited market exposure. May be open to other offers and possibly an auction style of bids if that may be of interest to the community.

$PEPE Ask 0.00001501 HIVE
$RPEPE Ask 88.56 HIVE

This brings the following initially proposed exchange rates of $PEPE tokens:

$PEPE:$PEPECASH - 367,754.830113 $PEPE to / per $PEPECASH

So you may be able to get one $PEPECASH for a little under 368 thousand $PEPE, or a small unit of $PEPECASH of 0.001 for 367.75483012 $PEPE.

Next is an exchange between of $PEPE and $RPEPE which sum interest was expressed. We'll see if the initial price offer is or interest or not...

$PEPE:$RPEPE - 5,900,066.62225 $PEPE to / per $RPEPE

This brings us a exchange rate / value of nearly six million $PEPE for the rare (Pepe) $RPEPE token! Making the $RPEPE a Pepe million status token on its own if you have, or get one!

Now we'll see if there is interest...

Here are some stats on the tokens:

PEPEPEPE MEME TOKEN$0.0000045 0.00001 SWAP.HIVE$1,087114.43%$5.95241,484,112.46
PEPECASHPEPE CASH$1.65838 5.53 SWAP.HIVE$241.781905.8%$2.56145.79
RPEPERare PEPE$17.69345 59 SWAP.HIVE$2,263.720%$0127.94

Please feel free to comment interest, offers, or otherwise. Upvotes, reblogs, shares, and moar appreciated too.

Feels Good Man!

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