Cleanplanet activity. 05/07/24

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Hello everyone and welcome to my post. It is a new day, a bright and beautiful day with good lights and a very cold weather. I am happy to have seen the light of a day that is as beautiful as this. Calm, enjoyable and relaxing cold breeze.

I do not know when music was made, but it is only fair to note that it was made even before the creation of the world. The Bible noted that Lucifer, before becoming a rogue angel, was the Lords personal singer. His voice and beauty was boasted about.
This is to say that we, who love music are just living naturally.

Nowadays, there are different types of music. Hip hop, rock, jazz, Afro naija and many more. Some, I have not discovered yet.

Each community have a unique identification. Music is part of it. Americans have the music they vibe to - country music, hip hop and others while we Nigerians have our own music - afro naija.

Personally, I see music as life. It is like magic. It has the power to destroy and the power to bring life. All these depends on the type of music being played. It can control the emotions, keep it stable and in check. It can also destabilize the emotions, make it as wild as a hurricane.

Before now, during the stone ages, there are local music we vibe to. As time goes by, instruments began to come into the society. Piano, drums, bass and many more. The combination of each and everyone of these sounds are what determines the type of music you get as output.

As I am writing this post,I am playing Dopamine by Bas. A calm and lyrically good song. Yes I'm Nigerian, but my playlist is filled with foreign hip hop. It's an individual thing. I prefer the lyrics and beat. Accent too, as I use this as a form of improving my English. Haha. Though it's no the best way, but at least, it's a way.

Anyhoo, I did my clean planet activity today. Took some pictures afterwards.

Thank you for reading ☺️

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