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Hi guys, it's me again for another week of playing Splinterlands. As I mentioned last week, I like the new rewards system as it incentivizes people who actually play and invest more time and to some extent, money to play for the Daily Focus and accumulate Rewards Points as many as possible. In this post, I am participating in another Splinterlands SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge and for this week, there is a bit of flexibility as the feature card is anything from the Dragon splinter.

The Card

For this particular post, as there are many Dragon cards to choose from, I selected a Dragon summoner instead --- Delwyn Dragonscale. This common summoner card is part of a promotional pack and costs five (5) mana to use. It increases the magic attacks of the monsters from the friendly team by 1. For this post, I have used a Level 4 card which the only thing changed is that it enables me to summon other cards on a higher level than 1.

Pros and Cons

Being a dragon summoner card, its main advantage is its versatility of being able to be used with other Splinters. For me, it is a good card to complement my Water splinter team, where majority of my monsters have magic attacks. On the other hand, its mana cost of five (5) limits itself to be used in the LITTLE LEAGUE ruleset, or even just battles that have a very limited mana availability to be used.

General Strategy

When I checked the teams that my opponent used in his previous battles, he frequently chooses the Life splinter. I do understand that choice, he puts Uriel the Purifier in his team, and with its HEAL ability, I need to counter that in order to remove that card from the game. As for the choice of summoner, I needed to think of something to counter his Chanseus the Great. Its REPAIR and TRIAGE abilities should be countered in order to survive the game.

The Match


The Lineup

Summoner - Delwyn Dragonscale

  • Slot 1 - Torhillo the Frozen
  • Slot 2 - Captain's Ghost
  • Slot 3 - Serpentine Mystic
  • Slot 4 - Venari Wavesmith
  • Slot 5 - Nerisa Tridawn
  • Slot 6 - Axemaster

Explanation of the lineup
Obviously, I used Delwyn Dragonscale for this match, which follows that I will most likely deploy a magic-attack-intensive team of creatures. As such, I chose the Water splinter to put up together that kind of team.

In my tank monster slot is Torhillo the Frozen. While it is a bit slow in speed, its armor and VOID ability will help him survive the early rounds, unless the enemy has a very huge attack damage directed only to my tank monster.

Next in my list is Captain's Ghost... my counter to possible healing process of my enemy. Its boosted magic attack from Delwyn and its AFFLICTION ability can prevent my opponent to heal his monsters.

To ensure that the healing process will be close to impossibility, I put in Serpentine Mystic to have another monster with AFFLICTION ability.

To beef up my defense, I have Venari Wavesmith in the team to provide extra armor for its PROTECT ability. This is good if my enemy has monsters with SNEAK and OPPORTUNITY ability which can disrupt my gameplay.

On the other hand, I need to increase my attacks as well, hence I put in Nerisa Tridawn in the 5th slot. The additional magic attack it gets from Delwyn will bring huge damage to my opponent's monsters.

I will further increase that damage by bringing Axemaster to complete the line-up. Its DOUBLE STRIKE ability will maximize the damage my monsters can give to the enemy in each round.

As you can see, my approach for this round is to take down the opponent's tank monster as quick as possible as my monsters won't attack any back monster. As such, I need to ensure that my team should be able to take out the enemy's tank monster as quickly as possible.

Watch The Battle

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