When summer starts, we put all our wishes and plans on the Bucket list


I purposely waited until the last day of the #EcencyContest to join in with my short post.
I didn't want to tell you what my Summer bucket list was, right before the trip (we arrived in Malgret de Mar late last night), but now that some of the items on that list have been fulfilled, I can share my thoughts with you.

Whether it's summer or winter, I always have the same wishes...
When I go on vacation (summer is the most important, although sometimes I also vacation in winter or during spring or autumn), I repeat a few sentences in my mind as a mantra, which actually represent my list of mandatory wishes.

Deciding where and when to go is the question of all questions.
But mostly we also choose a nice location and interesting dates...

Hotel accommodation and travel tickets are bought, it's not a big challenge, it's just important that you know what you want and how much you want to pay for it.

But after that, everything is in the hands of fate, you decide little after that and that's why you want everything to go as it should.

Before leaving for the trip, as well as during the trip itself, the most important thing is the desire to "be healthy".
If health problems arise, everything fails... For this reason, right before this trip, we raised our immunity with the immunopreparation I wrote about here.

Just in case, as well as every time we cross the border, even for a day, we buy travel insurance. That in the event of a challenge with the strangler, at least make the situation a little easier...
Before this trip, our health served us, we successfully went on vacation.
Now we repeat that wish, that our health serves us even while we are resting...

If we go on vacation by our car, there is concern about its correctness, and if we use another form of transport, there is the challenge of combining, fitting, renting, etc.

Although we had a late flight, the plane left on time and arrived in Barcelona early enough that we successfully rented a car.
Now all we have to do is to drive nicely and visit the sights of the places where we find ourselves, to easily find parking spaces and to have somewhere to fill up with fuel 🙂

Not in the sense that there is, I don't think about that, we took a hotel with HB, but in the sense of health, so that we don't accidentally get poisoned by something, it happened...

This is perhaps the only wish from the domain of "God help us", because in no case can we do anything about it. We can only look at the sky, afraid of every cloud, lest it turn into rain, and only hope and pray to God for good weather.

Here, those are some of the most important wishes before and during my vacation.
And what is actually the subject of this post, the Bucket List, are all the goals and plans we have made in case our previous wishes come true.

We have nice weather, a nice coast, the sea, nice places to visit, and now, what will be fulfilled from all that, remains to be seen in the coming days, which I will write about in some of the following posts.

For now, I can check one wish off the list as fulfilled - Swimming in the pool on the roof of the hotel. Done!

I share with you a part of the coast where I will enjoy the next days...