Street football rules The old days

Street football rules The old days :

  1. No referee.
  2. The game ends either when players are tired or at the Maghrib (sunset) call to prayer.
  3. The score is 23-22.
  4. A penalty is given if a player swears on god.
  5. The chubby person becomes the goalkeeper 😝.
  6. If the ball owner gets angry, he take the ball, and the game is over 😁.
  7. The fouls is counted if everyone agrees 🙃.
  8. The wal is a good player and can be in your team side at any time 😁.
  9. An extra player is allowed if the teams are not equal 😂
  10. Goalkeepers can be changed during a penalty kick 😆.
  11. If the ball goes over the crossbar, the game pauses for half an hour to discuss whether it's a goal or not 😄.
  12. The ball owner plays for the stronger team 😝.

Greetings to everyone who lived these beautiful memories ❤️


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