Weekend Engagement Week 171; The Most Unproductive Habit I Have


Me and my work friends out on a weekend.

Early this morning, I was going about communities and found this one about Weekend Experiences and joined, because it was the weekend. The pinned post caught my attention and after checking it out, I thought to participate. All the listed topics were juicy but the Second caught my fancy and it deals this;

What is the most unproductive habit you have, why do you do it/continue and have you tried to break the habit? What would your life look like if you eliminated it?

I was and thrilled by it because I have always found talking about my problems or challenging things I am facing helpful in the past. So this is me explaining it my way.

The Worse I Can Think of

For the most part of my life, I have always procrastinated. I think sometimes that the habit is hereditary giving what I noticed with my parents and the opportunities they've had compared to their current financial state. Other times I convince myself that I got the habit watching them closely but then I have three younger siblings who grew up in the same house but are up and doing. So given the circumstance, I realized I was just being lazy and looking for an excuse.

A Way Out?

I have tried many things like making a to-do list everyday and manning them one after the other but after doing the first three tasks, I somehow give up and take a nap, telling myself the popular phrase; "I will continue the list when I wake" but then some unexpected visitor shows up and steals the day. It really is sad and something I feel pathetic and beat myself up. Because of the nature of my job (as a Banker), I have very little time for myself and it's sad how the things I've mapped out I end up not accomplishing because I always procrastinate.


Besides the to-do list remedy, I also got friends to remind me through calls and texts but the moment I drop the phone, I slip back into my former state. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself as a result of this but that is something I am learning to overcome slowly.

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Because of my lack of consistency, I have also lost a number of friends as I failed to turn up when they really needed me. At the time it wasn't as though I was busy I just said, I'll go visit next time and next time, I said next time till their patience ran out. And considering the current state of things and people, loyal friends are really hard to find. So I seriously am taking a blow at this habit starting now. I wanted to procrastinate making this write-up after randomly seeing it while surfing the platform but I said no, this has to stop. I know very well that with my little abilities which I have honed over the years and a big drop of consistency, there's no saying how far I can go. I will face every task, request, job and necessity one at a time, no more procrastinating.
I am happy for me.



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