Forecaster : A Freewrite


Must I have a farcaster account to be eligible?Any specific wallet for claiming or anyone?Pls can U help me with d linkDo you submit your eth address in the mining app before?I dey click on claim but no dey gree claim. Although I don been withdraw 1.8m lion for my trustwallet.Don't bother yourself if 1.8m lion u get oooo

Gas fees na 6-9$

Na that your 1.8m lion no reach #100 self$0.00000004

All the way from
0.00000037Up rock dem don dey share funds o$0.00000004

All the way from
0.00000037I'm lv2 but it's saying I'm not only 10% u fit withdraw..
That's 0.6😂😂 nothing person no go see for this spaceNo price for now

Everything is complicated. Wait tl on 5th because u can't send out or deposit into p2pabeg pls was the current price of atheneWhy not stake on wallet insteadCheck ton keeper wallet

But I don't encourage tg because their gas fee dey too muchmy telegram wallet is not opening I hope no problem 😭😭I received like 1 thousand ref links of it in my dm from dif' people. I say nba!I told people since day 1 🥲..