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I have not actually been the type to pay attention to the population of the country because as a Nigerian, the only thing on my mind is how to be a great person of value and worth. However, matters like this does not directly add to my path of success, so I pay less attention to it irrespective of its importance.

Come to think of it, I think the worlds population is something that is greatly underrated but is one of the most important things to look into.

The population of the world is greatly increasing. The birth rate of some places are really high when compared to the death rate. Though the population as of today do not pose a direct threat on the country, however regulating the amount of children in which a family has is more or less necessary but looking at the other side, I think it is not.

In my country, we do not actually pay attention to the population. Well, not that I have seen or heard of. Every body is bent on survival, so I do not know the exact news of population. One thing I know is that the birth rate is not regulated. Maybe they have a policy for that somewhere, I do not know. If they do, then it is not being enforced. There was a day I took the history of a pregnant woman who came for antenatal care. The Gravida and parity made the entire maternity looked at everyone in disbelief. She was a G11,P10,A9+¹ in lay man terms, this means that she has had eleven pregnancies, given birth to ten children, nine of these ten children are alive and one kicked the bucket. She was constantly complaining of back ache though.

What's my point with this? This is to tell you that the population of my country is not actually monitored or under any form of policy regulating it.

I strongly believe and I really wish that the government will pay mind to the population of my country. Though people may say that - it's my family and I get to choose the number of children I want. Plenty children makes the maternal health at risk of many pregnancy complications. I think the government should be involved, so as to save lives.

Regulating the number of children will honestly make things better not only for the economy of the country, but for the family as well.

Few days ago, I was discussing with a deeper life pastor and my aunty who is also a medical practitioner was in the discussion. He told of a story of how God blessed a poor man with about nine children (I have forgotten the exact number but it's about nine or ten children). Immediately he said that, my aunty shouted, "who will then take care o these children?" While laughing calmly to show that she is somewhat happy of the blessing. I saw through her act though. On my side, I told myself that it is not actually a blessing but a bondage. Ten children? Poor man? What's more is that the pastor said that his wife was selling something in a hall-like shop, and that is where they equally live.

Looking at this family, survival for them will be by Gods grace. Why will a man born up to 10? Thank God his wife made it through because these are some of the things that may lead to maternal and fetal mortality and mobility. This is the major reason couples are advices to look into family planning.

I think the government needs to enforce policies to its citizens so as to not only aid the economy, but to also prevent maternal and foetal deaths.

Personally, I will want my wife to give birth to 2 children. If they are females, then I can give it another try to see if I will get a male from the third pregnancy. Irrespective of the outcome of the third pregnancy, I will stop. I did not come to life to be the father of all nations.

Yes, there are still many habitable lands out there that are not occupied by anyone. However, I think the government should regulate the number of children a family has. The maximum should be 4. This will enable the man and the woman build and save up for their old age. Not get hypertension because of the excessive stress of training ten children.

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