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Life is an unpredictable game that is filled with constant ups and downs.

The victim of life's unpredictability may be you or may not be you. All the same, reaching out in terms of need or to aid someone during their down times is a unique thing that brings out the humanity in you.

Though some people are strong and experienced enough to withstand the harsh conditions of life, some are the opposite as they tend to break and loose their spirit within few hours of life's torture.

The act of kindness is one that makes the humanity in us come forth and be appreciated. It brings about a sense of peace to be kind.

My career is one that requires kindness in other to be successful. One of the major reasons I chose to thread this path is basically because I love to be kind to others.

Aside my career, there are many times when I extend my hands in kindness to assist some one in urgent need.

It all happened some time ago when I was still a student. My school sent the entire class to a hospital in another state so we can gain experience from the hospital. Everyone was happy because we actually love going for experience. This is he only time we get some rest from the hectic school activities.

About one week into the experience, there was one of my coursemates that have not paid for the experience fee. Feeding was hard for him because things became tough. The hospital was constantly embarrassing him due to his debt. His parents were not giving any positive vibes to pay off he fees because they thought he was stealing from them due to the fact that he always call them for money. They forgot the fact that he is in a school of nursing where the school bills their student like a person who is thirsty from running a thousand laps.

I encouraged the guy to try his best and hustle so he will pay off his debt. He tried his best. I thought he had paid off the debt until we were about to go. Being the course representative, I was called to the Matrons office and I was given an order not to allow the guy go because he has not settled the hospital. I became dumbfounded and went straight to him. I asked him about it and he told me what happened. He did not even have any money to pay for his transportation back to school.

After hearing his story, I gathered the remaining guys (2 of them) and talked to them so we can aid him but none agreed. They even said that even if they have he money, they will not give it to him. They said this because the guy is an addict of a medication. They went further to say: if we give him this money, he will use it to buy the medication he is addicted to. They even told me how he used some of the money he got to buy the medication.

I understood what they were trying to say but personally, irrespective of his flaws and his stubbornness of not quiting his addiction, I would not leave any body behind.

After a while of scolding him about his character and letting him understand what his addiction landed him into, I decided to help him with the money he needed.

I refused to directly give him the money. I went to pay the fees by my self and I settled the bus fare by my self without letting him touch the money.

He was really grateful and said he will stop taking the medication. I was happy to see how happy he was but I did not believe his words when he said that he will stop taking medication. This is because - an addict will always look for a silly reason to take that substance.

Welp.. this is my entry to the Indiaunited contest.

Thank you for reading.

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