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No matter how hard we try to avoid it, people will always come to our doorstep with bulk of troubles.

Getting into trouble is actually inevitable because there is always this one person that do not want to see you at peace. The only thing they can think of is how to put you in trouble. Either directly or indirectly.

Most times, we try to play cool and don't fall into their traps, but other times, it becomes overwhelming to the point that we have no chance other than to retaliate. Crazy enough, the people causing these troubles do not know when to stop.

Just like most people, I am a type of person that mind my business, talk to a handful of people and get my things done without bothering anybody.

There are times when I get very annoyed by the actions of some people. I do feel like suing them in some cases yaknow.

One of this many times is when my lodge mate decided to enter my room without permission, took something from my room and fought me when asked.

It all started about a year or two years ago. I rented a place at one lodge and I decided to make friends in the lodge. I made quite a handful of friends. We do things normally, vibe together and everyone was really happy.

On one faithful day, I went out to get something from a nearby shop and I forgot to lock my door.

After buying what I wanted, I went back home to see that my room is not as I left it. I became worried and I started looking if everything is complete. To my greatest shock, something was missing.

I immediately went to my friends because their room is very close to my own. I told them about what happened and asked if any one entered my room. They said yes, and they pointed to Victor.

Guy why you enter my room carry something like this without my permission? I asked him out of anger while showing disappointment.

Wetin dey work you? Wetin be your own? Na bad thing say I enter your room carry something? (What's your problem? Is it a bad thing that I entered your room to take something? He responded back with a shout

I was very annoyed and I started shouting at him, trying to make him see what he did wrong but he was not having it as he was shouting back at me.

Everybody was against him. They said that they warned him not to enter but he went ahead. The argument raged on for some time.

All of a sudden, I received a punch to my face. Carried over by a huge adrenaline rush, I reciprocated and that's how a fight began. Immediately, the other guys in the room separated the fight while shouting at Victor. Guy you messed up. They all said to him.

I angrily left the room to cool off and the guys followed me to apologize on his behalf.

When I got to my room, I began to press my phone, trying to play some songs so I could cool off.

I switched on my data connection and the first message that popped up was that from my family lawyer. He was just trying to check up on me.

Immediately, I decided to report everything that happened to him and he told me to take up the case so that Victor will pay for damages. You know, Nigerian lawyers love problems because that's where they eat from.

I told him to wait a while, let me consult my family so that I will have their backings. I called my mom but she was busy and could not pick up. Same applied to my dad, so I decided to continue the music. About 20 minutes into listening to music, I became calm and started thinking of everything.

This is just a mere fight that occur between friends. Is it best to take it up to court? I asked myself. After a long time of thinking, I decided to chat up my lawyer and told him that I would not pursue the case. I gave him some reasons and he agreed to drop the case. However, knowing too well that I don't like talking to nobody about my problems, he adviced me to tell my parents about he happenings which i reluctantly agreed to do.

After telling my parent what happened, they became furious and wanted to take up the case but I calmed them down and told them that everything is under control.

Funny enough, Victor apologized. that same day in the evening, Victor and I was spotted in a bar drinking and dancing afterwards.

We continued to relate as we used to and even make fun of the fight. Lol. The other guys even made fun of the punch I received and we all laughed. They even told Victor that he had luck they separated the fight else, he could have packed his tooth with broom and packer. Lol.

The vibes continued as everyone received their corrections.
Well, that was how the friendship was restored.

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Lawyer see food,but that's so bad of your friend, it's so inappropriate. And he has the nerve to punch my baby, that's too much.


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