Being social is one of the most important quality we need to have as humans.

Friends are like a double edged sword,they can elevate you and also, they can cause your downfall, all depending on your mentality and how you manage them.

Me and my coursemates.

My mom always tell me that your friends are the ones who will make you the person you will become tomorrow and that is why it is important to choose a good click of friends. I thought she was just saying another African parent proverb but I am begining to understand what she meant by those words.

Though not a social person and I love doing things myself because I believe that nobody can do it better like I do, I have come to understand that in life, you can not do everything on your own and you will definitely need direct or indirect help from people.

If there is any word other than impossible, that's the word I will use.

I can be social online, talk, laugh and maybe play a lot but offline? I am worst than an introvert who gets annoyed by any little thing a person does to me.

I hope that answered the question of making friends.

My mom do give me trailer loads of advice and I too advice myself but when I finish advising myself, I continue becoming the over serious person who hates talking to anybody and just wants to mind their business.

Its like I am divided into two alter ego. One takes over when I'm online, when I'm in school, when I'm working in the hospital, or when i need to be free with children. while the last alter ego, Elnwothini, is the brain behind every single thing and is the one that inhibits me from making friends.

I know the explanation is weird but I hope you understand my point.

Having these two alter ego, I prefer to talk to them than to talk to a person.
When I have a problem, I relay to Elnwothini and he finds solution. Yes, you're not wrong, I am Elnwothini. I just named my alter ego Elnwothini

I prefer no friends.

Though my mom is always against this but I think I am better off alone. Well,not until I feel sick few days ago and my neighbors had to take care of me. Cared for me and behaved like my siblings. I have not received such care from an outsider before because I don't allow it but I couldn't stop this one because i was really sick.

Seeing how I was cared for, my ego was hurt because I felt like I can not do anything for my self but at the same time, I felt a sense of love and kindness.


I see friends as draw backs.
From my experience with friends, when you are at your peak, they will love to bring you low. They always want you to "beg" them. They want a situation where they will give you the garbage from there table while you accept with a huge thank you. They will never be happy if you exceed them but will always be insultive if you don't make it in life. Friends are crap.

Well, lately, I learnt to always manage my friends and expect anything from them, including good, bad and ugly.

Thank you for reading 😊

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I love that you are now trying to make friends and you are wise to expect anything from them because anything can happen.

Thanks for sharing.



One should be social, but the circle of his/her true friends should consist of trusted individuals with whom mutual development and learning can occur. If you find yourself in a situation where you're more knowledgeable, there might be a risk of the other person feeling jealous. If both individuals possess knowledge in different subjects they both enjoy, a continuous exchange of learning can take place, providing an ongoing topic of conversation. I've encountered people eager to learn new things, as well as those lacking knowledge who may exhibit jealousy and rudeness when others surpass them. The crucial point here is that everyone possesses unique knowledge and interests where they may excel over others. It all falls down to an individual's character and background.