Cleanplanet activity. 29/05/24


Hello everyone and welcome to my post. It is a new day, a bright and beautiful day with good lighting and a beautiful sunrise.

Waking up today is an opportunity given to me by the higher entity entity I believe in.

Upon waking up, I said a short prayer and got up to dress for my morning exercise.

Exercising is something I love doing. No matter how tired tend to be upon waking up, I always try to go out and exercise.

Exercising today was really fun. Happiness filled my heart when jogging and I elt like Kamado Tanjiro when he joined the Hashira Training after recovery. I did not feel like stopping but I had to stop and go back home because I had other things to do at home.

I got home and I continued with exercising. This one, not jogging but pushups, pull ups and other things. After that, I decided to stretch some muscles.

I made me a cup of hot ginger drink and I allowed it to brew while it got warm. During that time, I decided to vibe to Eminem - til I collapse. Haha.

After everything, I got to the bathroom, freshen up and made breakfast before going out for my business.

The hip hop industry is one that is filled with many things. My love for hip hop is really big.

It is quite interesting how a singer bodied a rapper in his own game.

Chris Brown is really amazing at rap yaknow. The first I listened to his diss track targeted at Quavo, I was really surprised. Is this Chris Brown? I asked myself. The song was really amazing. His lyrical placement was as good as rapper. Even better. The beat he used was something else. Sadly, the Drake, Kdot and Coles beef took the spotlight from raw talent.

I don't want to talk about the diss tracks between the three, but all I can think of after the diss tracks released by the three is how Kdot murdered Drake. Drake was proven to be a PDF file. Haha. The only thing going on my head is - Fk the big three, it's just big me. Nga bum. Lol

Anyways, I did my cleanplanet activity for the day and I took some pictures while at it. These pictures can be found below.

Thank you for reading and viewing.

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