Hustle Harder : A Freewrite

For video wey don tey
  I no get that time to go hustle ooo...every club de print when them they involve in final day title decider...even Liverpool do last b crime and no b banter
  Hwpha 🤣🤣🤣
  Instead make all of us dey celebrate today
  Me just de see the video for the first timeso I go belief say na arsenal kpai
  Them resume bant tomorrow evening
  She on una

You are free to believe bro
  But I dey wait make bring se

Make e go find where to forward from

  Leave bro.. you see say I no reply again
  Who does foreign betting here?
He just be like two clubs de play finalsthe two of them they print the we are chpions Jerseybut na u wey win go use ur just comon thing for football
  Why u go reply??

You nova get where to forward from na

You get any content wey come from you aside forwarded content ni 🤣🤣🤣
  I know say na common thing

But I still want make he bring where he see Arsenal own
  As he dey ask rhetorical questionse come make me dey reason say nah gen z football fan
  When u don forward

I go see
  Wahala 😀😀
  Till then

Go chop and rest
  Once where he dey forward msgs from don drop e go send

Just keep your fingers cross
  😀😀😀 allow sir ken breatfffff...make he mourn is EPL drought
  U too get wahala 😀😀
  Me wahala