Greywarden > As for some babbling idiots that claim to be on the right, yet defend Hitl


Greywarden > As for some babbling idiots that claim to be on the right, yet defend Hitler's Leftist race based Socialism, Scapegoat him and even compare him to former United States President Donald J Trump who is not a Socialist nor has anything in common with Hitler. Today, i will be refuting your claims that Hitler was a Scapegoat and not a Racist. I will be providing evidence that proves he was nothing like Trump, but a Leftist Socialist Dictator instead.

That the media lied about Hitler is obvious. But definitely not as you put it. The mainstream media and Historians have lied by saying Hitler was a Capitalist. Hitler hated Capitalism and attributed its horrors to the Jews, which by the way is nothing similar to Trump as Trump is a Capitalist and is a friend of the Jews.

  1. Hitler was a Leftist Socialist who claimed his race based Socialism was real Socialism contrary to Marxian Socialism which is a class based Socialism! References: Hitler, 1930 from Carsten, Rise of Fascism P137. Hitler, "Mein Kampf," P147; Hitler, "Mein Kampf," P406.

    Trump does not believe in a race socialism. In fact, Trump does not believe in socialism at all. That being said, a comparison between Hitler and Trump makes no sense..

  2. Hitler believes both Capitalism and Marxism are Jewish concepts. Sources: Hitler, "Mein Kampf," P198; Hitler, "Mein Kampf," P324; Hitler, "Mein Kampf," P348; Hitler, "Mein Kampf," P555.

  3. The National Socialists suspended articles 115 and 153 of the German Reich's Constitution. This gave Hitler and the National Socialist party the power to Nationalize private property. This was not a free market nor was it private, as people had their properties stolen from by the Socialists. Sources: Text of the Reichstag Fire Decree, 28 Feb 1933; Reimann, "The Vampire Economy," Chapter 2; "The Vampire Economy," P107 Herr A. Z Quoted from Reimann.

    How is this load of crap even remotely similar to Donald Trump? You have to be delusional to believe that!!