Seekers of the Starheart (3) : A Freewrite

"I refuse to be constrained by darkness," Erebos declared unflinchingly. "I am committed to the route of tenderness, the route of wisdom."

At that point, a beacon of glowing power radiated from Erebos, banishing the gloom which had clung to him for so long. He now embodied a celestial union of insight—the Collective's last layer of obscurity was transformed by the power of empathy.

The final few members of The Collective shrank back, their wickedness faltering in the radiance of this divine revelation. They saw that they had underestimated the might of compassion and the power of unity.

As the seekers of the Starheart braced themselves against The Collective, the cosmos seemed to resound with their resolution. Intergalactic energies surged through Torreto, Damiana, and Erebos, thus forming a conjoined constellation of their being - a rhythmical synthesis of spirits intertwined by the essence of understanding.