Seekers of the Starheart (2) : A Freewrite

The devastating clash played out as the whole cosmos held its breath, the stirring atmosphere resonating with the unified cry of the protagonists. Torreto, Damiana, and Erebos drew strength from the swell of feeling that had united innumerable beings in an appeal for consideration.

Their relationship served as an equilibrium for the cosmology, converting the fundamental nature of the universe into a harmony of empathy which contradicted the animosity of The Collective. Not seeking to ruin, but to make known--illuminating The Collective with the power of comprehension.

Amidst the chaos of the great war, something inside Erebos altered. His gaze moved away, his memories of a former era flooding back--the epoch when he had acted as a guardian of calmness. The acrimony that had previously possessed him was starkly opposed to the compassion that Torreto and his comrades radiated.

In a burst of comprehension, Erebos stepped back from The Collective, his spirit divided between the darkness he had acknowledged and the kindness he had disregarded. Damiana determined him, their affinity more intense than ever, offering a shelter during the turbulence.

The Coalition, feeling Erebos’ untrustworthiness, flashed out one final outburst of animosity, aiming to smother the spark of sympathy within him. Nonetheless, Erebos persisted, equipped with the transformative strength of sympathy.