Mogra's Envy

The Rivalry Initiates
Quickly, the news of Ramses' captivating garden and its inhabitant chirping songbird disseminated around. Citizens traveled miles to sight the unique botanical spectacle and to take heed of the spellbinding songs of the music bird. Contained in the informed assemblage was Mogra, an adjacent inhabitant situated beyond the extent of the desert.
Mogra was a person overwhelmed with envy. Always yearning for respect and positivity, Ramses' garden lured the publicity he so anxiously yearned for. As reports of the garden's style and excellence spread, the spore of envy rooted itself deep in Mogra's core.
Mogra's habitual schedule from that moment onwards entailed vigilantly glancing at Ramses' flourishing oasis from the perimeter of his own deprived yard. He could bear witness to the abundance of lush sustenance and the enriching blossoms, but what really caused disturbance to his spirit was the charm of the music bird's vocalizations — the same melodiousness that had charmed Ramses