Splinterlands Art Contest Week 294: Exploding Rats



Hello everyone, how are you doing today?
It is a good day to participate in this week's splinterland contest. I have been busy for a couple of weeks now, so I was not able to participate in the contest for these weeks but I guess I am back for good now.

This week I will be doing a post of exploding rats. It looked like a joke to me when I found out about the character. The name looks kind of wierd to me but it struck my attention though, and here we are now.

Here's a little background on the character:

There are some places in the Burning Lands where rats are especially easy to find, so the discovery of Exploding Rats has been beneficial to the Torch in several ways. In most cases, the strange but simple combustion spell is only used for extermination purposes in the caves and around the city of Azad. Combustion works better on some species than others. When used on humans for example, the same spell only catches their hair on fire, which is easy enough to put out. For some unknown reason, rats explode with enough force to take down a brick wall. Because of the intensity with which they explode, rats are also weaponized in several interesting ways.link

It is a an interesting character and as I said, I will continue to explore characters I barely know exist.

This is an image of exploding rats I saw online:

Exploding Rats.pngSource

Below are the steps to the drawing:







Thank you for your time...