Artist's Disappearance : A Freewrite

Not everyone was convinced by Mulberry's deceitful ploys. A few who were close to Malcolm, having shared his dreams and worries with him, were not ready to submit to the erosion of his image. Thus, they led the community in a mission to uncover the facts, hoping to reunite their beloved Malcolm with them at home.

The council of the village held a gathering to ponder the serious dilemma. They chose to create a band of locals to voyage into the woodlands that edged Verdant Hollow, pondering whether there could be any trace of Malcolm. It was a dangerous mission into a mysterious place, yet the people of anchor city were driven to decipher the puzzle that had shrouded their admired creative in inexplicable darkness.

As they mustered the courage to start their quest, an air of disquiet and anxiety enveloped them. The once mesmerising hamlet had since transformed into a perplexing maze of emotions and conundrums, in the core of which, the mysterious Mulberry overshadowed them, kindling doubts on every stride they took.

The citizens of Verdant Hollow found themselves in a state of bewilderment and caution as they were preparing to embark on their mission to locate Malcolm. The presence of Mulberryh was continuing to increase, and Anchor City was in a state of trepidation, hesitating between hope and terror. Consequently, a hazardous expedition into the unknown had to be conducted, hoping to reveal what had caused Malcolm to vanish.