The Ditch : A Freewrite

All these things no take time to affect poor man

Why is it now taking so long for the supposed positive reforms to positively affect the poor man
Read to understand and not comment sir .
So in a nutshell no effect?
What has this government done for us to be happy about ?

One good thing ?
It has not been implemented
That's the tax review committee's report sir .
Remove the dots wey dey your ne and put the letters in lowercase
Once it's implemented,we will let you know .
Help me use one week for Hawaii
I asked about the effect of these tax reduction and how it has affected the poor man and you mentioned food inflation which is on an all time high.
Not about the% rise in inflation Dem dey dragged Sunak for last year??
When are they going to start
Collect better breeze there oo
Na cold go kill
So back to what I said earlier: zero effect right now?
Dem no even add hike in school fees 😹😹😹
Change of national anthem.