Shiba Inu with Shibarium


Shiba Inu meme coin

A big audience in the crypto sphere seems to enjoy the benefits of meme coins. This type of coin has a supply of tokens in the trillions of tokens.

A number that is like 10000000000!

So in return, the value of one token is like 0.0000001. It is hard for the brain to make a comparison.

Shiba Inu Token has a lot of liquidity, and you can trade in a lot of trading exchanges. You can have the faith that you can always swap it for another one with no trouble.

I am not a fan of Shiba Inu but what brings my attention is a lot of headlines about the potential upside of this asset.

Shibarium on the pipe

Shibarium is something new in the ecosystem of Shiba Inu. A layer 2 ecosystem where you can build DAPPS over it.

I believe it might be something like Polygon, or Optimism from what I understand.

A place where you can run a smart contract and bring your idea to the ground. So we expect to see potentials DAPPS build over it like a cool Shiba Inu game.


Shibarium Beta

When something new comes out of the pipe, we can sense the hype and euphoria in the market. The marketing tries to shine, or at least brings attention to the new feature in town.

In the current state, you cannot do much at Shibarium. Right from the bat, the only thing you can do is staking or seems you need to buy tokens and delegate them to a validator.

In return, you might expect a reward, but I am not sure.

I don't know what we might expect!


If you are a believer in Shiba Inu

You might be very excited about this new feature if you are someone who already deals with Shiba Inu. Imagine all the benefits and potentials to play a game and the backbone of the economy deal with the native token.

We might see great applications over Shibarium that might have an uprise effect on the token. People need to find value or stuff to do and they might find it with the Shibarium ecosystem.

I know is only a Beta but we can sense the excitement around!

The future of Shibarium

I don't have a crystal ball and I don't know how much builders will develop on Shibarium. One thing I notice is the number of blockchains we have on the market and it is humanly impossible to be present on them all.

You need to be selective and stick around to a few. Maybe with a dedicated community of Shiba Inu, we might expect a lot of users that will be present there.

The secret ingredient is to see appear incredible DAPPS fun and easy to use. Not something boring, but something wonderful and cool.

Shibarium will enhance the experience and ecosystem of this hot meme coin in the top 20 in the crypto market cap.

Have a wonderful and blossoming day!

PS: I am not a financial adviser, and remember to always do your own research.