Journey to my Third Super Bowl! - Game 1+2 - Madden 24 UT

This Super Bowl run has all the games completed unlike my fluky Wild Card win in my last run. This run also features several thrillers! Pretty satisfying stuff.

The first game was actually a pretty easy victory. AT roughly the 4:03 mark, Steve McNair connects with tight end Hunter Henry for a pretty sweet touchdown. Steve McNair to Hunter Henry, wow, only in Ultimate Team! I always really liked Hunter Henry's game. I thought that his production fell off after leaving the Chargers for the Patriots in 2021, but after looking at his stats, I discover that his production really hasn't fallen off much at all. The man is just a steady, reliable producer. About 550 yards and 5 touchdowns a year, approaching a decade long doing so.


The second game (starting at about 5:04) was pretty entertaining, but these games get even better later in this run I believe! I was down 19-0 at one point but the comeback was ON! I just kept my composure and took it one play at a time!

Sneed to the Titans is official baby!!!


I sure hope all of these signings are gonna pan out!!! It's been a crazy off-season and the draft is still to come!